Scarf & Tail

Pineapple Party | Fun in the Sun Collection

  • Available in Regular and EXTRA Large sizes. Your pup feeling left out because they're a little larger than the rest? This season, we're offering two sizes so that no pup feels left out!
  • These designs are Unique and Limited Edition. You won't find designs like these anywhere else, they're Scarf and Tail-Exclusives!
  • Double-Lined, pre-folded and hemmed. Makes these a no-fuss accessory that you can tie on with ease--no folding needed!

Size Guide:

Measure your dog's neck to make sure that you choose the perfect size for them!

Medium: Perfect for dogs with necks up to 58cm/23 in.

Extra-Large: Perfect for dogs with necks up to 71cm/28 in.


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